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1 Ph.D Student, Islamic azad University, Najaf Abad Branch, Faculty member of Tehran gharab Azad University

2 Ph.D Student, Islamic Azad University, Tehran markaz Branch


By studying the history and regarding architectural evolution over time we observe apparent and in some cases basical changes in the construction of buildings. These changes has affected by many factors like social, political ,cultural changes , peoples life style and also rulers opinions .some of these changes have direct effect on the architectural identity of buildings as we can find by reviewing the history of school buildings. In the Qajar and Pahlavi era we can observe phisycal changes in educational buildings which one of its reasons is educational system changes .The purpose of this research is finding the effect of educational system changes on school architectures identity. Identity in school architecture and revive the pure iranainan Islamic architecture factors is important because a considerable part of every child and adolescent life pass in schools and nowadays a large number of schools are being built. on the other hand knowing the cause of these changes will make us aware of the after studying the social conditions and educational system changes ,schools were categorized then Iranian identity factors were compared with built schools in this period of their identity were evaluated. The results indicate that the identity dimensions of schools are diminishing after the reform of the educational system during the Pahlavi era. The article is descriptive-analytic and research method is qualitative and data collection method is documantry.